Practical Help

If introducing Mandarin is your own idea, perhaps due to your love of Chinese culture or because you have prior knowledge of the language, then you may need some help in persuading the senior leaders in your school to allow the subject to be taught. If this is the case, then the list below may be useful for you:

Written by Rachel Tiefenbrun

Then you can start to tell leaders about the aims of a strong Mandarin programme, and how that would benefit pupils in your school:

Once you have their buy-in, a good place to start is to contact a local Confucius Classroom (CC) in your area. Click HERE to read more about our CCs and to view a map that demonstrates where they are based around the country. Your local CC will be able to offer guidance and support, based on their own first-hand experience of establishing themselves as a school which teaches Mandarin.

The UKFCS may also provide some useful start-up help. They are a charity that aims to promote, through its member schools, Chinese language education and Chinese culture. There website can be found here: