Upskilling Course

With over 15 years of expertise in developing training, support and resources for schools, we at UCL IOE CI continue to support the growth of Mandarin Chinese in our schools. We are pleased to now offer a free* blended learning course for QTS primary and secondary teachers who would like to develop language and pedagogy skills enabling them to teach Mandarin Chinese up to KS3 & 4. This is an ideal opportunity for teachers who would like to support existing Mandarin provision in their school, or would like to introduce Mandarin to their schools. This blended learning course is (provisionally) designed as a two year course for primary, and three year course for secondary. Each year participating teachers will receive:

  1. Three face-to-face workshop days, aimed at consolidating language and developing pedagogical skills specific to Chinese language and culture teaching.
  2. A self-study online language course, supported by the UCL IOE CI team and online lessons with native Chinese speakers.
  3. The opportunity to study in an intensive language learning course each year (Years 1 & 3 in the UK, Year 2 in China).
  4. Level tests provided each year, and completion certificates provided.
  5. The opportunity to enter the internationally recognised HSK Chinese language tests.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact us at

*The cost of workshops, online course and study (inc accommodation) in China is free. Travel and daily expenses are not included in the UK or China. Entry costs for the HSK exam is not included.